“Power of One” campaign to be launeched

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Power of one Campaign which aims at uniting all South Sudanese together to realize what they can achieve when they unite is set to be launched in Juba this month.

Mwaka Daniel, the brains behind the campaign told Juba Monitor that it was high time to remind South Sudanese of what they were capable of achieving when they unite.

“There is power in unity and we can only achieve this when we all unite as one people, regardless of tribe. We have to remember the country’s slogan of “one people”, through being one people, we will be able to achieve everlasting peace, unity, prosperity and development because we shall all be united for a better country,” Mwaka said.

Mwaka said that the “power of one” campaign upon its launch in mid-October shall have activities such as, training of youths on peace building, conflict resolution and development, music for peace and other activities such as dialogue among the youth.

He further said that the launch campaign will start in Jubek state and spread across the country involving both youths, government officials and elders.

The youth activist said that he got inspired by the way South Africans were able to live in peace given the diversity of tribes in the country.

“South Africa is one of the countries with so many tribes but they are able to live in peace and harmony with one another. This is what inspired me to help make my people understand the power of unity, if we are united as one people, l am sure we can reach where South Africa is in terms of peace and development,” Mwaka said.

Mwaka added that he will be going to South Africa to source for funding so that the campaign can kick off as planned. He however said that with or without support, he is ready to start as soon as he returns to the country.

In his message to the youth, Mwaka called on the youth to be united and avoid spreading hate speech on social media but rather use social media for promoting peace messages.




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