Power China’s workers on strike over unclear job conditions

By: Elia Joseph Loful

Electric Net Power China company workers have staged a peaceful strike citing unclear job descriptions since the day they were employed by the company.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in Juba yesterday, a representative of the striking team who preferred to be called Emmanuel said they would not work till their grievances were addressed.

“We are not going to continue to work until we get our rights. They told us that they are going to look into our issue but there is nothing at all,” Emmanuel said.

In a protest letter written to the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, the employees said the company failed to issue them contract letters which could detail their benefits.

“Since we got employed by Power China, they did not give us or show us our contract letters. Secondly we have been working without knowing our insurance policy,” the statement read.

The complainants revealed that two of their colleagues have been electrocuted and died adding the company often doesn’t put off the power line while they were at work.

“They don’t put off electric line while we are operating on, as such it has resulted to several accidents where two people have died and many were injured,” they said.

The strikers further said that they have been exploited and robbed of public holidays without any compensation made by the company.

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