By Ngor Khot Garang

One of the most irrecoverable things that we will never have back when it is gone is life.

Living or being alive even if you are going through deep waters means that there is something very special ahead of you.

You may have been borne to a poor family but you do not have to go through poverty for the rest of your life, your parents may have been poor but you do not have to be like them as long as you’re conscious of your condition and your needs.

It is a free will either to follow the same route of your parents or to turn the other side of the coin. Your life is what you make it and nobody was born to live a poor life of begging, but circumstances forced us to be what the society calls us. This is because when you were coming into this world, your mind was empty and you knew completely nothing about the family you are born into.

But as years pass,   you begin to see that there is need to really work hard for your parents, yourself and your unborn children.

Working really hard either in school or any field of expertise is the only solution to escaping this beggary life. Your parents may be well-to-do people, when they leave this world, you may have all their possessions bequeathed to you and then to your children when you eventually becomes old.

But it is not there in life that if you happen to be in underprivileged family, you all have to be like the people who brought you into this world,   it is a choice and it is made too, for instances, if you have not being properly brought up, you have not been in school or you were orphaned at a tender age, that is the only factor that will aggravate your situation because you don’t know how to start.

You have to ask yourself today, “What am I doing today for future well-being” then draw some lessons from people in our community who made it absolutely from nothing to something.

Those who started from scratch and yet against all odds managed to turn a hard situation into fortune and brought a greater success out of their hopeless situation.

Such people give us hope in life that we too can overcome all odds and that poverty or social status can be turn into something positive.

They should be considered inspiring people in our society and we have to develop the courage to be like them, they were simply those who believe that “For a man to be free from the bondage of poverty, he should not be comfortable with his situation”.

Every hardship we encounter builds us, our faith is best built in the gymnastics of daily struggles, so if things are not good on your side, it is you alone to open those doors, it is you alone.

A better and lesser life are all in your arms and mind,  if a person who started it from zero can work hard to become one of most  admirable figures  in the world,  it means you can be more than what the society thinks you could possibly be.  Don’t undervalue yourself, don’t disagree with yourself, being born to a poor family or missing the good pleasures or the luxuries of life doesn’t make a loser of you.

You are important like anybody else and when your life does not change from the time you realized that there is need for change.  It means you have not tried your level best, or maybe you have believed in luck.

Get out of your comfort zone today and change the course of your life.

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