The just launched population estimation survey program came at the right time because its ends result may come up with accurate population figures that would make it easy and possible for the government to plan development activities for the citizens. It will make it easier to know the actual number of people in the country and avoid possible speculations that have been the norms of the past with imagined figures. Speculations have had it that the population figure stood at between eight to 12 million. Correct or not, it must be accepted that there are people being born and those dying every day. For proper and effective service delivery, the population estimation should come out with accurate data for effective development planning. The exercise should be done with caution at this time of coronavirus to avoid more cases emerging within the selected households. The public should be made prepared and aware that the survey was a semi-census that counts the people in households selected in the country. The need of this must be made clear because the data available was obtained from the Sudan Population and Housing census of 2008, 13 years ago. Right now, a demographic data is needed for a more effective development planning and to support preparation of a full census. The government has the goodwill of like-minded partners who are ready to fully support the program for the well-being of the country. This chance should not be abused but be taken with vigor and managed by people who are above reproach and those with dignity who would not want to spoil their names and careers but those who would remain steadfast in maintaining and protecting the image of the country among the donors who have come out to support the program with whatever little materials or knowledge they have.

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