Poor environment is bad for human health

By:  Khamis Cosmas Lokudu

The SPLM Jubek State last week on Saturday launched a cleaning campaign dubbed “Keep Juba clean”. The Governor of Jubek State guaranteed the community that the exercise would be continuous every Saturday at the end of the month. He urged the young ones to join the move in order to keep Juba clean.  

This week a resident who declined to reveal his name for unknown motive admitted that poor environment is a disaster to human health and having clean environment is a basic human right.

The resident toughly claimed that Juba City Council has got the responsibility to ensure that garbage collection points are introduced to all the residential areas in Juba to let the citizens know where to dump the garbage for the government to collect at their convenient time.

He said may be the aim of dumping waste along the street in the areas is a technic to inform the local authorities that they have a task to environmental administration because citizen has the right to clean environment.     

The inhabitant repeated that unless city council comes up with policy of collecting the garbage every weekend in the residential areas and market places, the citizens will endlessly dump the garbage along the streets in Juba even in market areas because they have nowhere to put their unwanted.

According to the Transitional constitution of South Sudan 2011, article 41 clause (1) says, every person or community shall have the right to clean and healthy environment, clause (2); every person shall have the obligation to protect the environment for the benefit of present and future generations. Clause (3) every person shall have the right to have environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations, through appropriate legislative action and other measures that; (a) prevent pollution and ecological degradation, (b) promote conservation and (c) secure ecological sustainable development and use of natural resources while promoting rational economic and social development so as to protect genetic stability and bio-diversity.

And clause (4) says all levels of government shall develop energy policies that the basic needs of the people are met while protecting and preserving the environment.

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