POLLUTION, Oil ministry to audit impact

By Paul Jimbo


The government is undertaking an audit on pollution in the oil-producing areas, Petroleum Minister, Engineer Awow Daniel Chuang has said.

This is with a view to ascertain any possible effects on human lives in the areas.

In a terse statement, Minister Awow Daniel said the environmental audit will tell the ministry exactly the extent of the damage on several oil fields.

He said the audit will further recommend remediation and probably correction if there is any damage that will be controlled and how the practice of oil operation will have to be guided.

“This exercise will be carried out by an international company to give us leeway to correct some of the damage that has occurred,” he said.

In a rare show of humanity, the child suspected of having been born with some form of deformity has been flown to Nairobi for further medical examination.

Minister Awow Daniel confirmed that he personally organised the trip that saw the child flown with her parents into Juba then to Nairobi to ascertain the cause of her deformity.

“The minister flew the child and his parents to Juba and then to Nairobi for treatment and medical examination,” another source at the Petroleum Ministry told Juba Monitor yesterday.

Minister Eng. Awow Daniel said a doctor from the Ministry of Health accompanied the family to Nairobi to work in collaboration with Kenyan doctors to determine whether the child’s birth condition was as a result of oil pollution.

His remarks came against a tirade of claims from residents of Ruweng State who claimed that some children are born deformed because of suspected oil pollution.

State Minister of Information alleged that women are also facing miscarriages and deaths during pregnancies while several livestock have also died of oil pollution.

Last week, Minister Awow Daniel announced a new oil discovery in Adar, Northern Upper Nile State.

“This is the first of its kind since Independence,” the minister said.

“Production is likely to begin towards the end of the year,” Minister Eng. Awow Daniel said.

The focus of the Ministry of Petroleum is increasing oil production to stimulate economic development and growth in the Republic of South Sudan, Minister Eng. Awow Daniel stated. The discovery is 5.3 million recoverable reserves.

The discovery was made by Dar Petroleum Operating Company and within close proximity to existing infrastructure; therefore, appraisal for development can begin quickly to bring it to production.


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