Politicians should stop politicking right now and let the work to serve the country begin. The President has appointed governors who are to take charge of the states and administrative areas. Nothing more should stand on the way to see that collectively the work that the common-man is expecting is done. Time when people were jamming the corridor of power seeking favour is now gone because all of them cannot be appointed at one go. There are those who have to remain and do other important assignments from the general public and help those given positions move the country forward.  Under or down trees politicking and gossips which are not for the benefit of the country and the general public should not be encouraged since these are meant to divert attention from the required service delivery. There is time for everything. There must be time now to take the starting period to move to the next level. A number of rumours and gossip which had taken the centre stage must come to an end and policies and points that are important for the improvement of the welfare of the masses taken seriously. For the last six years almost all development activities came to naught. Political cross-fire took the lead and conflict added the fuel to the situation. Just when these seem to be of yesteryear and peace taking shape, there occurred another bombshell in the name of coronavirus which has hit the whole world. It is time peace was given a chance and politics shelved for yet another day so that there can be a justified reason(s) for peace. It cannot be politics every day without meaningful agenda. The newly appointed state administrators or governors should understand that this time around the general public is watching them and they will only remain solid when judged by their performance.

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