Politics is the order of the day

By Akol Arop Akol

How many times did you spend a day comfortably without hearing breaking political news on radio, did you one-time logged in to Facebook and get good news about education, culture or development!  Yes, or no, but I must assure you that every media platform is always occupied by fake and real political news which are circulated widely by the youth. A lot of Facebook posts on Pages and groups are all about politics. Youths are no longer interested in doing things that are beneficial because they are made to believe that through politics and circulating rumors, one would be given attention and at the end may benefit in one way or another. At the age of 18 and 30 years old, education, business and establishing strong families should be the priorities of the youths but not dirty games of praising unfit leaders who only want to use the youths as tools for fighting their political interests. When youths in groups on the streets, the topics circulate around leadership of the country. Someone should tell them that there are many ways for one to be known or to succeed if it is a only a matter of popularity and wealth. If one goes to his big person to give him money, it is good to start a business in order not to go back the another day. The more one keeps asking for help, the more they get exploited if they are not careful. Many young people have lost hope or even their lives Because of receiving bribes with exchange which made them end up in destruction. Many have died in revenge attacks, cattle raiding, as well as road ambush, these all happen with hands of some politicians in.

Instead of talking about how to catch up with modern education and technology they are busy dividing, fighting and killing themselves for no clear reasons. Those confusing and mobilizing have already secured enough money and valuable assets for their children.

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