Politics aside, wrestling is for peace

By Ngor Khot Garang

In my life as a young man, I love activities that bring my people together and one of these activities is wrestling after soccer game and though wrestling is seldom played, it is one of the games that can bring thousands of people at the same time and this is where unity is realized but what about those who take wrestling the other way around?

The tribal-minded copycats who, even when they are so sure about the vitality of wrestling still go on to line behind traditional cultures that brands some tribes or people as being superior over the others are just nothing and they don’t deserve to be called children of light.

These people are not fit to be in this world and if there is a place that was meant for them, maybe we should ask God where it is located.

The wrestling and the way it is celebrated should not been seen as a tribal battle but a national sport just like football only aimed at bringing people together and it is not only for Lakes or Jonglei State, it is for all the people and before all, all the people of South Sudan are the same and in the minds of the righteous ones, there exists only one South Sudan with one people and nothing else.

We have always been one people and we have remained in the same line for quite a long time but what is happening in our country is something we must all struggle hard to understand because this is not going help us anyway and if there is anything we would get from it, it is destruction at the end of the day. But what is bringing all these divides? Is it education or should the devil be blamed or it is a political difference among our leaders at the helm?

If it is education, it is well known that education is the way forward and an eye opener at the same time. There is no education that encourages backwardness unless it is not education at all. True education opens one’s mind and changes a wild person to a peace loving human. And if it is political divide among our political, then it has nothing to do with us the citizens.

We are the silent majority and the only way to move forward as South Sudanese from different walks of life is when we come together as one people under umbrella and that is how we can teach our leaders how important it is to unite but when we keep on splitting ourselves based on where come from, tribe or religion, it means we don’t love this country and the country will decide to disown us because we are not united and who will benefit when we finish ourselves because that is what we all want.

There is no doubt, foreigners will come and take over the country and make it one of the best countries in the world the way it was made to be by God and who loses? It is you and I think a lot before you harm your brother. Think before you hate someone and remember where we came from before you practice corruption. Maybe it is tribalism or spirit of separatism that is blocking your eyes from seeing the important of this country. If you can love someone and stop hating those who have wronged you in the past and settle down a bit, it will not take you long before you realize that South Sudan is one of the richest countries in the world and has the potentials of feeding rest of the African countries in years to come if the people of South Sudan come together as one family and utilize what they have.

But we are fortunate and so does the country. We don’t know our value and the value of our nation in the global arena. How many are we, maybe 15 millions or less than that amidst plenty of resources and almost the whole country is still mired in abject poverty. Millions of people still go to bed with empty stomachs; thousands of children not in school and young people are still carrying guns. What is going on and why all these suffering when there is enough to make a decent living for each and everyone?

 It is simple, we don’t love ourselves and if continue with this spirit, I’m sorry but we are going to be beggars years to come or if not, our children will pay hefty price. As a human being, how do you feel when you hate someone from different tribe and who are you anyway to hold on to that hatred. Listen, we are not going to be here for quite a long time and it matters how you live your life with other people.

You don’t have to be a bad person and expect to have a smooth life even in the life hereafter. You have to forgive and forget because the more you hate someone, the more harmful it becomes to you. We need unity if we want to leave this country in peace not pieces. Just imagine what happened during the wrestling on last Saturday.

It was one of the most attended wrestling matches in the county’s history. Some people paid money from the state to make it to Juba to watch the wrestling match. The other group despite the devastating flood in their land that has displaced thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes tried their very best to partake in the match to find solace. But unfortunately, the match ended up like a burial ceremony and do you think there is someone in this world that like to attend burial ceremonies not even mad people. That is the way people had taken wrestling. Do you think there is anybody who would ever be interested in wrestling again? I think not but how are we going to be united? This is very disappointing. South Sudanese must unite before it is too late.               

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