Politicians urged to understand messages in songs: Kaylow

By Mandela Nelson Denis

A South Sudanese local rapper Kaylow Lama has expressed his dissatisfaction with the politicians whom he claims have failed to understand messages in the songs sung by artists in the country.

The singer said that if politicians understood the messages in each song recorded by musicians in the country, then they would have ended the conflict and worked towards achieving lasting peace in South Sudan.

He argued that politicians are failing the nation by to not understanding the messages in the peace songs that the artists compose because they (politicians) don’t care for the citizens; they are only concerned about benefiting themselves.

He also lamented that most South Sudanese politicians do not work for the well-being of the country. Mr. Kaylow whose “Yes no” single hit has become the club anthem, appealed to politicians to take time and understand peace songs recorded in the country and practice what they preach.

“Politicians have been carried away by their egos and interest, forgetting about the local people. They should understand the messages in songs done by artists, so that the country can progress” Mr. Kaylow stated.

Kaylow said when the 2013 conflict erupted, many South Sudanese composed peace songs calling for an end to the conflict, but politicians did not understand the messages portrayed in the songs.

“Put into practice whatever we sing or tell you, we the artists are the voices of the voiceless. We speak on their behalf and we urge the politicians to listen to us,” Kaylow exhorted as he spoke to the Juba Monitor.

Mr. Kaylow, whose real names are Kuol Deng, started his music career in 2008 with “come back” song calling upon South Sudanese to return home. “winny”, “over you” and “gun-shot” are amongst the songs that the singer has composed.

However, currently Kaylow is popular for the “ye no” song that is rocking the airwaves of South Sudan broadcasting stations, clubs and other media.

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