Politicians told to leave hotels as peace looms

By: Opio Jackson

A renowned civil society activist has called on the politicians who have been living in the hotels to quit the apartment to reduce government expenses.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director Community Empowerment for Progress Organization said there was no need for the politicians to keep living in the hotels in the name of peace implementation.

His statement comes after President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar agreed to form the Revitalized -Transitional Government of National Unity tomorrow (Saturday)

“After the 22nd February, we don’t want to see any politician staying in the hotel in the name of peace implementation. “They should go to government houses or go back to their own family houses,” Yakani said. 

He hailed the two principals for the compromise they have made to reach an agreement to form the government on the 22nd February.

“We are urging our citizens and the politicians of various political colors that time has come for us to embrace peace and stability in our country,” he said.

“Whoever is out should thank and congratulate and whoever is outside should wait for his or her time as elections is ahead of us. Those who may differ on the ten states, we are saying there is constitutional making process that will give them chance to express their views,” he added.

He said they want to see 35 % in the government expected to be formed on Saturday, saying that the political parties should not compromise the share of the women.

Yakani said while the agreement grants 35 % to the women, they should also have participation in the 65%.

“All political parties should ensure the nominees to the parliament and the executive should also include women. If the government will take six states they should appoint for us two female state governors and two female speakers and the SPLM-IO one female governor and female speaker,” he explained.

He said the new government needs also to include the youth, saying it would not be accepted for the Ministry of Youth to appoint aged people to the ministry in the name of the youth.

The activist said the balance of money left for the peace implementation should be diverted to accomplish the security arrangements.

He said the security arrangement was still backward and that less than 50 % of the work has been done. “The best way for us is to utilize the money to speed up the security arrangement, the politicians who are in the hotels must quit hotel.”

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