Politicians should put aside differences

The students’ leadership of Bahr El-Ghazal Student’s Union (BASU) in Uganda has strongly urged South Sudanese and politicians to put aside their political differences and live together as one people irrespective of tribes or political affiliation.

There are many people in this country who believe in the true unity of South Sudanese tribes which is the only best option to save the country from the ongoing deadly conflict.

BASU chairman, Mr. Dhieu Ariik urged all the students to ignore the culture of violence and welcome the spirit of love and peaceful coexistence amongst the people that used to exist before this senseless war broke out in 2013.

South Sudanese communities living in Uganda need peace. There is no reason to fight ourselves because of political misunderstanding which should have been resolved politically without involving military means to find durable solution. Mr. Emmanuel Sebit, representative from Greater Equatoria states said South Sudanese loved one another during the struggle. He asked the Whereabouts of the sense of togetherness that used to exist during the liberation war.

Dr. Dhieu Mathok who was the Guest of Honour called upon the international community to fully support South Sudanese in good faith.

By Martin Manyiel Wugol


He said it is now the right time to give peace a chance instead of wagging war which is too expensive in terms of human life and constant loss of property.

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