Politicians must have good ideology

Our politicians are practically gambling with politics. Some of them politicians did not go to school of politics but just jump into politics in a brood day light and practice unjust system of governance and that is why they are messing up with the country’s affairs all the time.

They don’t know when and how to practice politics for nation building and wellbeing of the citizens. Others just joined politics through their relatives while others claim to be the sons and daughters of the liberators who fought for the twenty one years.

They even do not know what is required of them whenever they are assigned to perform certain duties. Many of them are only looking for money to enrich themselves when they are in power, while neglecting the poor people who are now suffering.

After appointment, many have failed even to visit their home constituencies where they come from. They are always hiding and dodging in towns like Juba, Wau, Malakal and even abroad in cities like New York (USA) instead of performing national duties.

Some of our politicians have become warmongers dividing our people based on their ethnic point of view and forgetting the spirit of nationalism which they are supposed to follow and adhere to.

South Sudanese are good, but what divide them is our politicians. Some politicians are trying to ruin South Sudan based on ethnic line or political affiliation, for example, if any politician in South Sudan wanted power, he or she would always use violence instead of seeking through peaceful means.

They always mobilize their tribesmen to rally behind them after failing to get a seat. This mobilization could be peaceful or violent in most cases. Instead, of seeking these positions peacefully through elections and dialoguing with the authorities concerned, most of our politicians opt for conflict and violence to attain power, and at the end of the day; they cause more destructions and killing of innocent lives in this country. This is because they don’t know what they don’t have the heart for humanity.

This is exactly the behaviorr of our politicians and other lawmakers who don’t want to follow the rule of law. South Sudan is going through difficult times because our politicians are misusing their identity and leadership in the country. They have wrong ideologies and selfish interest instead of building the nation.

They have forgotten our struggle for self-determination which we were yearning for during the Arabs regime. Whatsoever they do is just love for money and power struggle.

Our innocent people are dying day and night because of their negative influence and practice towards South Sudan politics.

These politicians have made a lot of pain and suffering to our beloved people just for no good reason. They have failed to unite the people of South Sudan because of they are not politically trusted by the citizens.

War is the only agenda they have in their hearts and minds to pursue positions without developmental plans and projects realized.

Look at what they have done since 2005 up to 2017. Absolutely they have done nothing for the wellbeing of our country. Our politicians are good in corrupting and waging war against our beloved people. So, I am calling our politicians to put South Sudan first and their political career last.

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

The writer is a political analyst reachable via: modijamesladu@yahoo.com

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