The road which the peace agreement is taking should be of impotence to the whole country and the people. The main parties’ signatories to the agreement have welcomed the reduction of states from 32 to ten which had been contentious during the negotiations. It is the hope of the common-man that this will be maintained throughout to the formation of the unity government and thereafter to resolve some of the pending issues inked in the agreement. The unity government is to be formed on 22-2-2020 as stipulated in the agreement with all and inclusive players expected in Juba before then. A number of political activities have taken centre stage but hopefully not to deter the cause of its original intentions. The key players must have at heart the past and the present suffering of the people to understand that there have been those who could not afford a day’s meal because of the economic hardship created by the crisis to date. The move needs to be understood and to remain within a reasonable notch. The most important of all is to have peaceful creation of public affairs without having to subject the larger population to more suffering. It has become necessary to have a formidable and trusted people to man the daily affairs of the people with and when the socio-political will is taken into consideration. The public expectations are high and look forward to have a peaceful country once again. All eyes are focused and built towards this direction that anything less than peace would remain a bitter pill to swallow for a very long time. Let us all play a role to have peace back and support those who are genuinely working towards these achievements. If all works well then the political elite will have the glory and blessing of the people otherwise it would remain a big disappointment.

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