The country is undergoing the political transitioning process through the implementation of the signed Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. The spirit for genuine implementation of the peace agreement is based on the principle consultative dialogue among the parties at state and national levels for building political consensus for accelerating the genuine implementation of the agreement.

The recent worse political development in Warrap state between the SPLM Governor and SPLM-IO of the state cabinet where serious warning were issued among the parties. This development has really set up a bad attitudes that directly undermine the spirit of the R-ARCSS implementation at the state level. This trend of political frictions among state leaders is getting more regular across the country.

Even though the governor refuted this but it has shown lack of political will and respect to other peace partners.

The political frictions at the administration of the state affairs really offer clear evidence that still there is higher deficit in trust and confidence among the parties for genuine implementation of the peace agreement.   

Many actors from the civil society and other stakeholders have been regularly talking of the weakness of the presidency mechanism of the R-ARCSS for not taking primary responsibility to timely and genuinely implement the peace agreement.

The recent talks of the graduation of the unified forces in November 2021 have direct link to the presence of political stability at the state level. Therefore, parties to the R-ARCSS should renew their political pledge for genuine implementation of the peace agreement if it has  to stand the ground of trust and honesty. Bickering and disagreeing would not indicate the well-being of the peace process which should put the country of the right way to permanent peace.

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