Political vacuum causes insecurity in Upper Nile state

By James Atem Kuir

The Former Governor of the defunct Latjoor State Gathoth Gatkuot Hothnyang said political vacuum is creating insecurity in Upper Nile State.

Gatkuoth is appealing to the peace parties to swiftly appoint Upper Nile State governor to resolve the existing uncertainties in the state.

The political leader asserted that the prolonged delay in appointing the state governor has created political and administrative vacuum which resulted into insecurity and a number of difficulties that require the attention of a governor.

“The two principals should act and give the people of Upper Nile State a governor that could see smooth running of the state government so that the existing insecurity and response to flooding are solved.

Last month, a judge was killed in an event which might have been prevented had there been a governor in the state,” Hothnyang urges.

He added that simple issues of the state are being handled by the national government due to the standoff over state governor causing delay and dissatisfaction from the population.

Hothnyang underscored that effects of flooding coupled with non-agricultural activities this season are threatening the population with hunger and need immediate solution.

“Floods coming from Ethiopia and poor harvest expected this year because of flooding and the ongoing strikes by the community over unpaid social amenities percentage from the oil companies all need to be addressed,” he asserted. 

He revealed that the agreement between the oil companies and the government was that 5% was to be divided between the state government and the communities staying around the mining sites.

“But who is taking the 3% which was meant for social amenities?” he wondered.

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