Political parties want November deadline respected

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The other political parties that are signatories to the Revitalized Peace Agreement said they want all the parties to respect the November 12 deadline for formation of the unity government.

They made the call yesterday in Juba a day after the face-to-face meeting between President Kiir and Opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar. The two leaders agreed to form the unity government in time.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Ms. Theresa Siricio Iro Wani, the chairperson of the Sudan African National Union (SANU) said that Dr. Machar and Kiir’s last meetings in Juba should be a signal that the government must be formed by November as agreed.

She said formation of the government in time would be a prestigious move that will elevate the people of South Sudan since the lives of the citizens have been deteriorating for lack of peace.

“We have come quite a long way to transform the Revitalized Peace Agreement to the concept of reality. And so this track should be kept visible since it is remaining too little for us to form the R-TGoNU,” Ms. Wani narrated.

“All must be committed to see that the Revitalized Peace Agreement is transformed to the concept of reality according to the time scheduled.”

Ms. Wani called on all the holdout groups and the parties to the deal to join the process for South Sudan to achieve permanent peace.

Meanwhile Rev. Emmanuel Sokiri Lugor, chairperson of the United Democratic Salvation Front (UDSF) said there was still need for more efforts for the implementation of the deal.

“What we feel is that commitment towards implementation of the agreement should be increased. We have seen the leaders have been meeting in Juba. And so they have to re-commit themselves in letter and spirit for the formation to be possible in November,” Sokiri said.

He appealed to the holdout group to join the Revitalized Peace Agreement, saying that nobody should be left behind.

“I want to appeal to the doubting parties to the agreement that let them be sure about the agreement. They should take away their doubts, the agreement is going to be implemented and the leadership of this country is very serious about the agreement,” he said.

For James Aniceto Batikayo, Chairperson of the National Democratic Party; South Sudanese need the government formed as planned.

“When we listen to the statement made about the formation, we were very optimistic about it. Thus, we should consider the need to respect the deadline,” Aniceto said.

“We are happy that they (Dr. Riek and Kiir) came together from far though late, never late than ever. So my message is that they have to fulfill the agreement that was signed,” Mr. Batikayo added.

He added that there was need for the two principals to meet regularly in order to boost implementation of the agreement.

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