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Political Parties’ Views on National Dialogue Process

Dear readers, welcome to your weekly National Dialogue page which brings you public opinions and insights of the people of South Sudan on how to achieve peace in the country.

Juba Monitor caught up with a member of political Parties on one on one interview about the National Dialogue Process.

Peter Mayen Majongdit is the leader of People’s Liberal Party and also the principal of the Umbrella of Political Parties. He expressed his opinion on nationwide consultation process on how to resolve the conflict and bring peace to the nation.

  • National Dialogue Lacks Inclusivity
  • Political parties were represented by those who are allies to government
  • Members of SPLM party took large share in National Dialogue representation.

By Moses Gum Degur

National Dialogue is a good initiative of which no citizen could oppose or reject it. It is people’s quest for peace that is why all liked and welcomed its establishment by the President.

The success of this important initiative lies only on the inclusivity of the process. For any Dialogue process, there is need for inclusion for all parties to the conflict to be present without exemption.

This would mean that any relevant party to the conflict or stakeholder affected in either way or might have contributed to any conflict in the country must be included.

This is simply to enable the rival parties to solve their grievances and can come up with ideas of reaching amicable solutions in the nation.

Peter Mayen Majongdit, the leader of People’s Liberal Party said the National Dialogue lacks inclusivity.

“National Dialogue itself lacks inclusivity because some parties to the conflict and opposition political parties within Juba were not included and not well represented,” he said.

Majongdit said political parties in opposition should have been given due respect and got included in the National Dialogue Process despite having political opposing views.

He said fair inclusion of the political parties in the dialogue process would pave way for quick consultations among communities.

He said even if the political parties were represented partly; but were represented by those individuals who are allies to the government. He added that those individuals representing the political parties are folks whose aim is to comply with government policy.

Majongdit further said that armed oppositions and some factions who did sign agreements with the government were not even represented well except the SPLM-IO led by Gen. Taban Deng Gai.

He said that the SPLM-IO led by first vice President Gen. Taban Deng Gai is no longer an opposition party and does not any longer represent the views of the people of the country.

The PLP leader claimed that the ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) took a large share of representation within the National Dialogue Committee. These members came from different angles including Think Tank Institutes and other prospects who maintain to be independent.

“How did it come for members of the SPLM Party to claim being independent since most of them were former national ministers, state governors and legislatures,” Majongdit questioned.

So you will find that SPLM party is having a large share in the National Dialogue representation.

Therefore, one would say that National Dialogue process went without oppositions’ representation, the PLP leader commended.

Majongdit acknowledged that the whole mess began in the formation of the National Dialogue committees to visit Dr. Riak Machar in South Africa where the existing opposition political parties were undermined in Juba.

A move described by him as negligent of important stakeholders which are recognized by the world and International community who are supposed to play a vital role in restoring peace to the nation.

The PLP leader said the question of inclusivity in the National Dialogue has deeply affected the progress of the consultation forum across the country.

He said for the National Dialogue to be inclusive, there is need to encompass all the twenty five (25) political parties within the context of the channel of communication course of action.

Majongdit said he believed the revision of the peace agreement timeline would set basis for economic prosperity, democratic transformation, reconciliation and then the National Dialogue process.

He said by complying with all these principles of peace revitalization would help bring sustainable peace in the country.

On Tuesday an academic expert Dr. James Okuk on his part said for conflict resolutions to happen in South Sudan there is need for people to revise the methodology of the National Dialogue, that the process is not credible.

“The methodology of the National Dialogue needs to be revised first. It needs to be revised seriously because people doubted the creditability,” Dr. Okuk complimented.

He said if the methodology is revised then the National Dialogue Steering Committee will now gain the creditability for smooth running process and for people to understand the level and context of conflict more than what the forum will do.

Earlier in May the  Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)  David Shearer stressed that “unity of purpose will send the best signal to South Sudan’s political leaders to focus first and foremost on the plight of their citizens.

The national dialogue just launched in South Sudan by President Salva Kiir would only be credible if opposition groups genuinely participated, the senior United Nations official said as he briefed the Security Council on the situation of South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit explained the ambitious aims of the Dialogue initiative as to save the country from disintegration and usher in a new era of peace, stability and prosperity, he told the Parliamentarian last year.

“As long as I am your President, I will not allow the suffering of our people to continue and I will not also allow this country to fall apart,” Kiir said.


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