Political parties urged to shun tribalism

By Bullen Bala Alexander
The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs who doubles as Senior Member of SPLM Peter Bashir Gbandi has asked all the political parties and the entire citizens to shun tribalism, a bad vice dragging the country from development and peace.
Gbandi said the conflict has divided people and there is need to fight tribalism and nepotism for the country to become as peaceful as it was after achieving the independence in 2011.
“Let us restore peace as it used to be. Let us fight tribalism, nepotism, and corruption. Let’s put the interests of the people and the country first,” Gbandi said at a political party’s conference organized by the National Dialogue Steering Committee on Tuesday.
He said South Sudanese are capable of solving their own problems and he called upon all the political parties to work hard in uniting people.
“It is natural for us to disagree and it is natural for us to agree so let us agree for the common good of our people,” he added.
He said despite the many challenges the country is facing, unity of people, which leads to peace can and will be achieved.
He said South Sudan as a country has a potential to develop as well as making its citizens to prosper.
“If all political parties work for the progress of the country I think we can achieve great things because we have a lot of resources,” he said.
“Let us dialogue with the spirit of nationalism, let us disagree to agree because it is all about South Sudan and its people,” he added.

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