Political parties ask Troika to support dialogue with holdout group

The Other Political Parties in Transitional Government of National Unity [TNLA] have asked Troika countries to facilitate dialogue with Paul Malong, Thomas Cirilo and Pagan before formation of the next government in November.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, South Sudan Africa National Unity Party leader Ms. Theresa Siricio Iro said the Troika countries and South Sudan peace partners should facilitate proposed dialogue with the agreement hold-out group “since they have sponsored the Oslo Oppositions conference in Norway.”

“We appeal to the Oslo conferees for no more war but to accept direct dialogue. The dialogue for political reasons should not be considered as the re-opening of negotiation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement, the outcome of this dialogue shall be incorporated into the R-ARCSS with the consent of all other signatories to the existing R-ARCSS in consensus,” Ms. Siricio said.

Last month, opposition groups that have refused to sign the Revitalized peace Agreement in September last year, held a conference in Norway to build up a unified military and political front against the incumbent Transitional Government of National Unity under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

They include the former army generals Thomas Cirilo, Paul Malong, and SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum.

According to Ms. Siricio, as Other Political Parties signatory to the Revitalized Peace Agreement, the Norway conference by the opposition groups was “unfortunate” as parties were working to assembly their forces in the cantonment areas.

“All South Sudanese should be part and partial in the peace agreement so that peace prevails in this country. Our demand is not different from other people because all of us want peace now,” she added.

For her part, Mathew Mayor Ayuong-the National Congress Party Secretary General said the opposition do not want anybody to carry guns again “because negotiation is the only way to peace.”

For Rev. Emmanuel Sokiri-the leader of United Democratic Front, the demand by those who rejected to sign the peace have now been addressed by the national dialogue.

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