Political leaders must be human, says Bishop Paride

By: Martha David

The Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban of the Catholic Diocese of Torit has challenged the political leaders in the country to be human and consider the suffering of the citizens.

“Our leadership need to be with the people, in the people, for the people and suffer with them and leave their own suffering,” he said.

He made the statement during the International Human Rights Defenders Day in Juba on Monday.

Bishop Paride said human beings were created by God to help and support each other but not to rule each other. He said according to God other creatures like land were meant to be ruled by man.

“We as human beings are to serve each other, we are servants of each other, and we are to help each other. As of today here let us see how many people in the world have given what they have to help us,” he said.

He reiterated that every human being needs each other in every situation so as to be strong.

“We cannot survive by ourselves, we need a hand of each other we need a compassion of each other, we need the strength of each other that is why God has created us with gap in our hands and diversity,” Bishop Paride explained.

He pointed out that People can become human beings if they leave selfishness and egoism and if only they think about each other.

The International Human Rights Defenders Day is celebrated annually to recognize peaceful and legitimate work that defenders do and in recognition of the achievement that defenders are doing collectively to defend people’s rights. The day is also celebrated to recognize the defenders whose lives had been taken forcedly for standing for the rights of people and defending the constitutional rights.

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