Policy has nothing to do with visa waiver

By Bida Elly David

The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs during a press conference on Friday said visa waiver had nothing to do with the fiscal and the monetary policies of the two countries.

Speaking to the media on Friday, the national Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Deng Dau Deng said waiving of the visa had no connection with the monetary and fiscal policies of the Countries since it only focused on the concept of exempting citizens from paying border entry charges.

“I want to make it clear that, people should not misinterpret the meaning of the visa waiver that was approved by the Ugandan government. It is concerned with exemption of citizens from paying entry fees at the border”, he said.

Deng said traders upon entry to the two countries were entitled to continue paying tariffs based on importation and exportation of consumer goods upon the theory of demand and supply.

He further added that traders were not subject to exemption of custom duties such as taxes imposed for commodity entry into the country neither any trading compensation.

The deputy foreign minister noted that the sectors concerned with tariffs and trade facilitative committee had not yet been briefed whether the visa waiver included regional exemption from paying taxes on imports and exports of commodities.

However, he said that the major concern of the visa was basically concentrated on free movement of citizens to Uganda ensuring clear purpose of their mission and the duration through which citizens were going to spend upon their visit.

In the same event, the inspector general of police (IGP) Majak Akech said, upon entry to any of the countries, citizens had to clearly know that legal restrictions and supervisions would be done to ensure that criminals were detected to avoid crimes.

“Citizens of the two countries must know the visa waiver is not only for free movement but also a theory applied to identify criminals who work for the downfall of others. Movement will be restricted and clearly monitored by the police,” he reiterated.

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