A foot for thought

Police won friendly match

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday police for Central Equatoria State played friendly match with journalists, the game ended with journalists nil and police one. It was a friendly match which marked the International Day to end Impunity (IDEI} on crime Against Journalists, under the theme:Countering threats of violence and crimes against journalists to protect freedom of expression for all.”

It was the international theme for the celebration all over the world for the year 2021. During the celebration it was said that journalists should have spirit of working together for the common goal.

The celebration was to bring journalists together and discuss challenges facing them in the fields and offices.  Journalists were being killed, arrested, harassed and intimidated around the world. It was a day to listen to the authorities and get advices from them.

It was a day to create friendship between journalists and other stakeholders in order to promote the work of media in the country.

 It was said that some journalists were being arrested due to their own personnel issues which had nothing to do with journalism.

Journalists are citizens; they need protection like any person. The law of the country has given mandate to journalists to work free. However, they are advice to work in accordance the professional manners. Journalists should not work outside media law.

They came in big number for the first time and kept time as an honor for the event.  Journalists in South Sudan had experienced a lot of challenges due to severe conflict in the country. It is not easy to work under difficult condition.

Journalists should unite and work together as one body. Donors were urged to support media houses and journalists in the country.

It was a great day for journalists in the country and the world at large. Many good comments were made to improve the work of media in the country. After football match, journalists were advice to continue practicing sports as it was important for the health.

May God bless us all.

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