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Police warns public to be vigilant when boarding public transport

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei  

Police warns public to be vigilant when boarding public transport within the country

This came after passenger’s luggage and car robbery were reported in Juba last week.

Speaking to the Juba Monitor, Deputy Spokesperson of the police, Brig Gen James Dak Karlo said that public should take more caution when boarding for public transport, because there are some cars that are not public transport but doing the same duties.

“Some women were travelling from Gudele to Konykony, however this public transport was not the real public transport but rather suspected thieves were the one driving, in the process after they reach some where they then sprayed on the passengers and afterward they took them to the hospital claiming they were sick but after being examine the doctor said the passages of course were not sick, “he explained.

He added that “This suspected thieves rob phones and the entireluggagesof the passages and left,”

Dak said on the same scenario, last Friday in Juba town a man car was stolen in his own house.

“Four arm men went to a man house at night in Juba town residential area and stole aCar but didn’t harm the man,” he mentions.

He further said that “This thieves seems to be targeting women, so before getting to the public transport make sure that you know the type of the car and also after getting into the car and you feel suspicion make sure to stop the car and step down,” he advice.

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