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Police warns people over misuse of 777

Brig. Daniel Justine speaks to Juba Monitor in an interview (photo by Kidega Livingstone):

By Kidega Livingstone

The Police have warned that it would arrest people misusing the police emergency 777 service if they do not stop the practice.

Brigadier Daniel Justine, the police spokesperson revealed in an interview with the Juba Monitor yesterday that some people in different areas of Juba have resorted to calling the 777 emergency services for no reasons. Instead, they just play music and sometimes insult the police officers on duty, according to the police.

“I warned those who call 777 and play music and insult the police. We are tracing them to be arrested because we have already located their positions and the law will take its course immediately,” Justine said.

He emphasized that the habit is very risky because police may think that the caller is playing yet there could be a serious criminal activity taking place within the area.

The police spokesperson said they (police) also face problems of timely reporting because people are calling very late which results into difficulties in resolving the problem in the particular areas.

The emergency call number 777 was launched in 2014 in a bid to combat crimes in the capital Juba.

The Police spokesperson also confirmed that the Tuesday night shooting in Gudele Block Seven was exchange of fire between the police and criminal groups who robbed the area.

Brigadier Justine said there was no arrest but the police were investigating the incident.

He said of recent, the communities have been cooperative with the police that reduced cases of criminal activities in Juba and other towns.

Brigadier Justine said police forces have covered the areas in Juba, working closely with the community leaders in order to get rid of robbers and other criminal cases.

“The cases of robbery are decreasing because we have been telling the communities to report immediately anything that may happen to the nearest police station,” the police spokesperson said.





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