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POLICE WARNED Against nepotism and corruption

By Opio Jackson

Nepotism and numerous complaints of corruption in the police service will not be tolerated, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP) Lt Gen. James Pui Yak has warned.

Gen. Yak made the statement yesterday during his inclusive meeting with the leadership and the entire staff of the Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Immigration.

“We have a plan of transformation in the police service. In order for us to move forward, we must hear directly from you,” he said.

He said nepotism was a well-known issue facing police service, saying there are some people who have served for many years and they have never been promoted.

“There are people who might have taken long in the police service without being promoted simply because they don’t  have someone in the higher position to recommend them for promotion,” he said while receiving applause from the officers.

He said nepotism in the police service must end because these individuals who are believed to have no closest person to them, are rendering valuable services to the government.

Gen. Yak added that since all who works for the government are equally important, they are going to treat everyone equally.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police also warned officers against corruption, saying it is their duty to fight corruption instead of being involved  in the practices.

He stressed that the country will not prosper if everybody don’t stand up against corruption and hold people accountable.

Yak further said that massive transfer was another serious issue that needed to be addressed in  the police service. He said they had noticed that the majority of police officers are seeking for transfer to the Department of Immigration.

“There are four directorates in the police  service and these departments are equally important,” he said. “So I wonder if we all need to leave our  directorates and come to work in the Department of Immigration?” he asked.

He compared the departments in the police service with parts of the human being, which he said one part cannot perform its duty very well in the absence of the other.

However, one senior police officer urged the police leadership to motivate their officers if they want to fight corruption. “How can you talk about fighting corruption when the staff welfare is not being considered”.

According to the officer, in a situation where the public servants take up to four months without receiving their salaries, fighting corruption will always remain an illusion.

He said he was not encouraging corruption, but given a situation where a person comes to work every day and at the end of the month earns nothing, then that officer will be dragged to temptation to meet the needs of his family.

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