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Police urged to stop Brutality against civilians

Jonglei State Police service standing next to police car

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Human Right Advisor in Jonglei State calls on police to stop brutality against the civilians and establish a connection with civilians in order to fight crime in the state.

Simon Manyok Deng, the Advisor on Human right in Jonglei State said the relationship of the police personnel and the civilians play a vital role in fighting the crime in the society and there is no need for the civilians to fear the police in uniform, so police need to reconnect with civilians in order to help the civilians.

“The role of the police is to enforce law and order in the state of Jonglei to achieve a peaceful region but when the civilians see the police wearing a uniform, they fear them more than a soldier, so police and civilians need to strengthen their relationships with civilians and the police personnel shouldn’t beat up civilians even if they are arrested”. Said Manyok

He also added that in some countries, the civilians run to the police personnel because the police are the law enforcers and they (police) protect the civilians and the police personnel needs to undergo the training and capacity building in respecting the human right. And police support is not to be involved in the political affairs because politics comes and goes but the relationship is constant between the police and civilians.

Manyok urged the police to protect the civilians and the foreigners alike without abuse of human rights by providing the situation where the civilians sleep outside their fences and houses without fear of being robbed. And the police should not take anything, be it money, gold, or phone during the arrest of any criminals.

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