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Police to vigilantly protect civilians



National Police officers at the graduation ceremony at Juba Stadium (file photo):

By Moses Gum Degur

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has ordered the national police to provide maximum protection to the citizens and to portray good image of the country.

President Kiir said the moral obligation and the work of Police was to protect civilians, and maintain law and order.

He said the national police should prove to other nations that they were responsible people while discharging their duties.

“While discharging your duties, you should maintain the spirit of discipline and respect. This will enhance a good relationship with others. You should show other nations that you are very professional,” Kiir told the police.

President Kiir made the remarks in a ceremony organized to graduate 348 National Police officers at Juba Football Stadium yesterday.

The President asked the police graduates to protect people’s lives and their property across the country.

“My sons and daughters who are graduating today, I ask and encourage you to take up your duties to serve the people of this country. You are tasked to provide full care to our citizens to ensure that all live in a free environment,” Kiir said.

He stressed the need for all officers to work with greatest reverent while considering respect for human dignity.

Kiir said the skills acquired by the officers during their training would help them exercise their duties for effective service delivery to the citizens.

He expressed happiness for the good number of female graduates, saying it marked a milestone of achieving gender inclusivity in the law enforcement agencies.

“It is always my conviction and policy to encourage women to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that there is inclusivity of gender in all sectors. This shows that women also serve their people in various capacities,” Kiir said.

President Kiir appreciated the graduates for having completed the training with the required skills and encouraged them to be hard working officers who are committed to service delivery to the citizens.

The Minister of Interior, Michael Chiengjiek Geay urged the police graduates to respect the rule of law and human rights in the country.

He said the role of the police was to combat and fight crimes in the country and to ensure that there was peace and stability.

Minister Chiengjiek asked the graduates to promote the spirit of human respect and adhere to the principles of fair treatment of people including foreigners in the country.

The graduates included 99 females and 249 males, commissioned and appointed to the National Police Service by a Presidential Decree no.94/2018 by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

This is the 21st Batch of the National Police Service who graduated after completing three and a half years training at National Police College at Rejaf.

Last year, President Salva Kiir ordered the country’s police to enforce security and protect citizens by shooting criminals who loot and break shops.


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