Police to stamp down crime during holidays

By Atimaku Joan

Police are set to crackdown criminal activities from now until early next year during the coming holiday festivities.

Speaking to Juba Monitor over the weekend, the Deputy Police Spokesperson and the Director of Special Protecting Unit Brig. Gen. James Dak Karlos said crime rates usually tend to go up as the public focuses on celebrations, adding that a team of police officers had been prepared to ensure security was tighten up to deal with those taking advantage during the festive season.

“November is a hot month for criminals and the month of December, the rate of robbery and the rate of Gender Base Violence always go up because everybody want to have a new cloth, everybody wants to have something good, people want to celebrate with chicken which is very expensive or even slaughter goats so they intend to rob or steal. What we have done is that our standby forces are 100 percent ready starting from now until January having been mobilized to be on alert from now through to December and January when cases of gender based violence, crises of robbery and even in the country side like lakes and Jonglei where there are communities fighting in revenge killing, cattle raiding and land grabbing,” said Dak.

He urged the public to join hands with the security in eradicating all forms of crime because the police cannot be distributed in every household.

He affirmed that security concern was not in the hands of the police alone but also involved everyone.

He stated that the police team will ensure that people go and return from prayers safely on Christmas and New Year though they were yet unaware of whether midnight church services taking place due to Covid19.

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