Police to screen drivers before departure in Torit

By Moyo Jacob

The Directorate of Traffic Police department in Eastern Equatoria State has vowed to screen all drivers traveling out of Torit town to minimize road accidents.

The statement comes following two fatal road accidents registered by the authority along Torit-Magwi within this July with the latest being on Tuesday.

While addressing the press in Torit yesterday, Brig. Louis Irenge Onorio, Director of Traffic Police in Eastern Equatoria State directed all traffic police officers to ensure all drivers leaving Torit Town for different locations were tested.

He said drivers leaving for Juba, Kapoeta or entering Torit town must undergo test to examine their driving capacity.

Brig. Irenge said any driver found driving while drunk shall be brought back to face traffic police laws.

“A driver should not be in hurry. He should move at a reasonable speed and should understand bad points on roads. Whether he is carrying passengers or alone, his life is also important to us,” he said.

“Even the car which is a property is very important. So dear drivers, when you are taking people, take them slowly to reach the final destination safely,” Brig. Irenge added.

He warned the drivers in the State to desist from driving under the influence of alcohol saying it was the cause of major accidents.

Brig Irenge urged the drivers to regulate their drinking habits because too much consumption of alcohol could cause hangover.

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