Police shut down three schools in West Nile over a strike

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Police and educational stakeholders closed three secondary schools in Koboko District following the strike that broke out last month.

Last month, more than 200 students got stuck in the town of Moyo after St Andrews College closed its school after a strike

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the West Nile region police spokesperson Angucia Josephine said that the fight between students that lasted for 12hrs started at 11 pm Tuesday night and ended at 11 am Wednesday morning.

“It is true there was a heavy fight between the students of Koboko and parents. It’s alleged that the students of Nyangilia SS attacked Koboko public SS on Monday night fueled by long-standing conflict between the two schools,” 

He added that in the process of the attack, students of Koboko public SS retaliated and critically injured one of the attackers from Nyangilia SS who was rushed to Koboko health center IV for medication as school property was also destroyed in the battle. 

This reportedly forced Nyangilia SS to call students of Koboko parents SS to reinforce them against Koboko public SS.

The students reportedly used bows, arrows, and stones against each other.

 Police responded as they were engaged in running battles with the students through the night where 3 students of Koboko public SS were arrested. The police also recovered arrows and bows used in the fight. 

The DPC, DISO, and DEO Koboko with other stakeholders first closed Koboko public SS this morning at around 9 am and moved to Koboko Parents SS and later to Nyangilia SS.

A concerned parent who spoke, but preferred anonymity told Juba Monitor that the school administration of the affected schools did less to prevent the students in the strike.

“What kind of administration is that, you just leave the students to go and attack another school and you cannot even give advice,” he said.

Nyangilia secondary school has more than one hundred fifty South Sudanese admitted in the school. It’s still unclear when the students will return to school.

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