Government or public servants are supposed to be open and transparent in dealing with issues rotating or based on service delivery. They are not power to themselves and always remain answerable to the citizens. Traffic Police department inclusive. All must be having contacts that are open to the public. Media houses included. It shows a sign of selfishness and creating an opaque between the masses and the institutions represented if and when the public officers decide to hide or refuse to give their public contact to the media. On Tuesday, the Director General of Traffic Police had a function in which pressmen were invited to cover. Indeed responding to the call of duty, the scribes went to carry out their work. The drama started at the Atlabara traffic police when a reporter requested to have telephone contact of the boss who was to officiate the function somewhere in Mobil Roundabout. In short, he did not get the contact even after pleading with some senior officers that he wanted to contact their boss for clarification. He was taken round to and from Atlabara three times without any success. It is the prerogative of the bosses to provide contacts that they could be reached after such coverage just in case there are some doubts or clarifications to make. It is for the benefit of the institution, the media and the consumers who are the public to be fed with the right information. It is on this basis that cooperation and understanding are required among all key players so that no one is blamed. For the improved relationship the country can move forward with all collectively. This therefore calls for everyone in whatever position to remain steadfast and work together as a team for the well-being of the

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