POLICE, S.Sudan, Sudan to sign training deal

By Livingstone Kidega and Paul Jimbo

The South Sudan National Police Service will today sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sudan Police Service that focuses on training.

Police Spokesperson Major General Daniel Justine yesterday told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview that the agreement will be signed at the Ministry of Interior, Juba this morning.

“The Inspector Gen of Police in Sudan has been in two days negotiations with the deputy Inspector General of South Sudan Police Service and they have agreed to sign an MOU tomorrow  (today) at 8.30 am,” he said.

However Maj. Gen Justine remained guarded about details of the MOU, though he thinly touched on various training aspects of the police.

He said the deal is borne out of bilateral relations between South Sudan and Sudan.

Earlier, media sources indicated that Sudan has offered to help the South Sudan National Police Service with the training of the joint integrated police as its contribution to the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

The Director-General of Sudan’s police said the two countries are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on enhancing cooperation in the police service.

General Adil Mohammad Ahmed arrived in Juba yesterday for a three-day visit.

Together with his delegation, he met with the Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs, Tut Kew, and the national police service leadership headed by the Inspector General of Police, General Majak Akech.

Gen. Adil said the MoU will also address the payment of pensions to South Sudanese police personnel who previously served in Sudan.

Thousands of South Sudanese worked in Sudan police force before the country separated in 2011. Many have not received their pension benefits for the last 8 years.

Once the agreement is signed, former police officers, including those who have retired are expected to receive their benefits and pension.
Three years ago, South Sudan and Sudan agreed to extend the Cooperation Agreements the two countries signed in 2012.

The cooperation agreements are specifically on oil, border issues, citizenship rights, and the division of debts and assets, among others.

They were supposed to last three and a half years since 2012.

The police delegation from Sudan is said to focus on areas of security and cooperation at the border points as part of the 2012 agreement.

General Adil said the discussed with the Inspector General of Police, General Majak included customs services along the borders of the two countries.

“The most important issue is the customs point between the two countries. We also looked at the issue of training and capacity building of the police in South Sudan. We talked about the need to help the police here using the available resources in Khartoum,” said Gen. Adil.

South Sudan is in the process of reorganizing the armed forces through reforms adopted in the revitalized peace agreement.

A unified force including the army and the police will be trained to protect all demilitarized areas.

“We hope to have a very excellent relationship that benefits the police in both countries,” Gen. Adil asserted.

Sudan is also currently engaged in talks to reform its security sector which has been accused of committing atrocities against the civil population in Sudan over the years under the rule of President Omar al Bashir.

Months of protests that started in April this year led to the overthrow of President Bashir and put the future of the country in the hands of the protestors and a ruling elite of military generals.

The protesters recently forced the change of notorious Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services.

The Transitional Military Council agreed to restructure it into a body that focuses on combating terrorism and espionage, preventing human trafficking and fighting corruption and money laundering.

It will be under the supervision of the sovereignty council and the Council of Ministers in Sudan throughout the 3 years transition of a civilian-military rule.


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