Police record nearly 100 accidents during New Year celebrations

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The National Police Service said it recorded a total of 94 cases of motor accidents including37 motorcycles and 57  cars  involved in the tragedies during the New Year festivities.

Brigadier General James Dak Karlo, Police Deputy Spokesperson said the nearly 100 accidents were recorded in Juba and resulted in minor injuries with no death reported. The police officer said calm celebrations were observed across the country.

He said the incidents which involved motorists intoxicated with alcohol occurred majorly in busy marketplaces in Gudele, Munuki, Kator, and other densely congested areas of the capital.

General Karlo urged the public to cooperate with the police and report crimes, death, and any other kind of issues that requires police intervention, saying it would help the police to combat crimes and maintain law and order.

“There are deaths that might have happened during the New Year celebrations but not reported to the police hence, not recorded. So, there is no record of death incidents, and so, I continue to urge the public to take the initiative of reporting this issues because security is for everyone not police work alone,” he said.

He also added that the situation with in the country is calm, despite the incidents that are occurring with minor injuries sustain.

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