Police pledges to cooperate with Journalists

By Martha David

The South Sudan Police Service has called for cooperation between members of the press and law enforcement agencies.

 James Pui Yak Deputy Inspector General of Police said there was need for cooperation with the media, especially on security issues to avoid clashes.

He was speaking during the South Sudan National Police Services and journalists training in Juba yesterday.

The training was organized by the Media Authority in partnership with Journalists for Human Rights (JHR).

Yak said sometimes government refuses to give information to be disseminated to the public when it concerns the national security issues.

He urged the journalists to get information from the right officials in order to report accurately.

“When you disseminate information provided by the leadership I think you will not report wrongly,” Yak said.  

He stressed that it is important for the police to interact with the media and listen to each other.

Elijah Alier, Managing Director for Media Authority said the work of journalists has improved since 2017 when their office was established.

“The nature of the media reporting in South Sudan has significantly improved since 2017. The citizens are able to express themselves freely without interference and intimidation from law enforcement agencies since the commencement of national dialogue,” Alier said.

Alier added that ethnic-base hate speech reporting has also reduced from all legally recognized media houses under Media Authority with the exception of some parallel media houses.

“We have to change that narrative of the past reporting associated with misconception and negative reporting based on confrontation,” Alier added.

Alier admitted that about 20 foreign journalists had been denied accreditation for disseminating and circulating unfounded harmful and misleading information.

He claimed that those rejected journalists opted to propagate and misinform the whole world with unsubstantiated report about South Sudan.

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