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Police: Our orders are being defied

By Atimaku Joan

The National Police Service of South Sudan had admitted that most of their orders are being defied by some officials and even some security organs in the country.

Speaking to the Juba Monitor on Saturday after the celebration of 16 days of Activism against Gender Base Violence, the Deputy Police Spokesperson Brig. Gen. James Dak Karlos complained that the police department doesn’t understand why their orders were being ignored and disobeyed.

“The Traffic gave orders that people should not use tinted screen and we have done a lot that even the car of His Excellency the President is open, but you find that those of the national security up to today, their cars are being covered and we have given orders that every car must have a plate number.But you will find out that a VIP car the plate number is covered with black cloth for what reason we don’t understand,” said Dak.

He revealed that the issue of big truck setting off at night was being tabled to address the issue of the trucks causing traffic inconvenience as they were hoping that the order would adhered with the people.

In September last year, the Administration of the Directorate of Traffic had ordered the traffic police officers to confiscate and legally charge elements driving tinted cars in Juba.

While announcing a new crackdown on tinted cars and vehicles without appropriate number plates, the police added that driving a car with a third party tint was a traffic offence and those found in contravention would be charged according to traffic laws.

The Polices Spokesperson also revealed that the month of October and November are tough due to increase of crime rates as those who did not work to achieve something are also willing to wear new things and eat good food.

He stated that the police departments were going to be on standby to deal with all these sorts of criminal acts.

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