If orders being given by the police department are being ignored at will by some top public servants who believe they are the law unto themselves then where is that jargon of collective responsibilities among the public officers. The police singled out public order which are being floated as removal of tinted glasses from all motor vehicles, displaying of number plates and the directive to have heavy commercial vehicles to ply or move at night out of the city as the most common one being ignored mostly by a number of people who in most cases walk or drive with their positions displayed. There must be order in every management stage. Some earlier directives have equally been met with the same stand and mostly by senior people in the security organ dockets and armed forces. Police should not be given hard time in the implementation of the government policies falling within their dockets. Instead they should be assisted to succeed for the good of the entire nation. Police maintain internal law and order, they are out there to protect the general public and their properties. They are required to be vigilant and nab people with criminal intentions and undesired elements existing among the innocent citizens. Disobeying their orders is tantamount to supporting crime in the society. Those who are encouraging these habits should know and understand that they are obstructing police from their work which is equal to committing criminal offence. They must let police do their job without being seen as if they are favouring some people and dealing with others according to the laws. Everyone should be held responsible for any offence each committed and should not be let go because he or she is so and so in the society. This is what is making orders issued by the police not to be obeyed.

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