Police Officer knocks down cyclist and runs away

By Sasuk Taban

I was having my lunch at around one O’clock when I heard a loud sound outside the office. Bang! My colleagues and I ran as fast as our legs could carry us to see what had happened. What we saw was not a pleasant sight.

A Toyota Land Cruiser had lost control and diverted from its lane onto the opposite lane, knocking a Boda-Boda rider and his client down onto the ground. The driver in the land cruiser alighted from his vehicle to view the people he had knocked down. He was a police officer – judging from the police uniform he was wearing –accompanying a Senior Government Official in a convoy. He did not take long at the scene of the accident because another security officer shouted at him to get back into the car and drive off the crime scene, and he hurriedly obeyed, (which is by itself a crime since he was supposed to stop and examine the situation of the victims and provide First Aid)

It is quite shameful for a security officer, who is supposed to protect the lives of innocent civilians, to go ahead and recklessly knock them down and dash away.

The driver who knocked down the cyclist and his client and the other officer who advised him to dash off are both inhuman. How can you knock someone and ran off without attending to them or even taking them to the hospital? Pedestrians or idlers need to respond in a better way by rushing the injured to hospital rather than crowding and watching the injured as they bleed.

Our officials in government need to be mindful that they are not the only road users. Just because you are in government and are being driven in a GOSS Vehicle doesn’t give you the warrant to speed recklessly knocking people at your will. You may end up killing people. I have been perplexed by such indiscipline in our security forces. Is this the mandate they swore to uphold, driving recklessly, speeding and knocking people along the road?

The French say; “Asses ces’t Asses,” meaning, “Enough is Enough!” The time has come for discipline to be restored in the country, most especially, in our security sectors.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, you would really do a great service to the people if you issued a decree restricting speeding among government officials. We cannot afford to continue losing lives just because a few individuals within your government feel that they are above the law.

Shame unto the Police Officer who knocked down two people yesterday afternoon along Tong Ping (Airport road), outside Alpha Bank and ran away.

Do not presume that people do not know you.  You were seen by many eye witnesses. Some even stated that you must be part of the Speaker’s security detail, for the Speaker had just driven by two minutes earlier than you knocked innocent cyclists down.

Mr. Speaker if this is true, please get down to the bottom of this matter and discipline the culprit harshly. It needs to send a clear message to others that just because they work for the government doesn’t mean that they are above the law.

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