Police officer killed in Kapuri, Luri Payam

By James Atem Kuir

A police officer has been killed by cattle raiders in clashes between the police and armed youth in Kapuri residential area of Luri Payam on Wednesday leaving one wounded.  

The armed youth were engaged in serious clashes for nearly two hours in a nearby forest forcing the residents to flee after some of them intruded in the area and start looting property.

The unnamed 1st lieutenant was shot dead as the security forces rushed to the area and tried to intervene in the fighting between the armed herders in the area according to Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, the national police spokesperson.

“The cattle raiders were fighting in the area, some of them came towards the town and start looting some people. So, our forces were informed and when we rushed there, they opened fire on us and as a result; we lost one officer, a 1st lieutenant. One person from their side was wounded,” Daniel said.

 He is now taking treatment under arrest,” Gen. Justin narrated the incident to Juba Monitor yesterday.

The spokesperson further said over 200 herds of cattle were left behind after the armed raiders were dispersed by the security forces. The police are yet to establish the cause of the fighting.

At about noon yesterday (Thursday), the police spokesperson revealed to Juba Monitor that more residents have fled towards Juba as the armed raiders renewed clashes with the security forces in the area.

He did elaborate further on the renewed clashes yesterday.

Last week, residents of Jebel Teman complained of intimidation and threats and destruction of farmlands by cattle herders.

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