Police officer commits suicide inside prison cell

By Bakindo Stephen-Maridi

The authorities in Mundri West County in Western Equatoria State have reported the death of a 42-year-old Patrick Bidal Elizayi who hanged himself inside a police cell in Mundri West County. He hanged himself with his underwear on Monday night and was reported dead.

According to Mundri West County acting Police Commissioner Mr. Charles Guli, “we put him in the police cell to protect him because he was drunk and to stop him from omitting anything wrong so that we can let him go but to my surprise we found him dead, he removed his underwear and used it to kill himself,” he added.

Guli urged all the police to avoid drinking alcohol when on duty saying that such acts are not good for police who are keeping law.

“We are police and we keep law and protect our people and their property. I want to advice all the police not to drink on duty because this is not good. It is bad for someone who is keeping law to act like that. This is my advice,” he emphasized.

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