Police not aware of human traffickers

By Staff Writer

The South Sudan police said they were not aware of possible human trafficking in the country.

This comes after reports that a South Sudanese woman residing at Gudele Two area reportedly adopted two children from Kenya illegally.

Ramadan (not the real name) who is a neighbor to the woman told Juba Monitor that the woman resorted to child adaptation after failing to conceive.

“The first child was brought at the beginning of March 2019, when the baby was two (2) months old and was bought at a cost of 750 USD. The baby was brought by a Kenyan woman up to Uganda and picked-up by the South Sudanese woman who now owns the child as hers,” Ramadan explained.

Ramadan further explained that another girl of two years was brought by the same Kenyan woman who acts as a dealer.

“Rita went from South Sudan to pick the child at a cost of 1500 dollars and came back with her. The girl was purely speaking Swahili language,” he added.

Ramadan said the woman previously worked as a sister in a catholic church but later got married where she did not conceive a baby.

He claimed that the two children’s names have been changed into South Sudanese names.

Ramadan stated that at the end of July this year, the woman also brought another baby for one of their friends.

However, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, the spokesperson of South Sudan National Police Service said the police have not yet received reports about cases of human trafficking done by South Sudanese.

He said South Sudan police and its counterparts in the region are coordinating to prevent any case.

“If there is enough evidence and information about this, as concerned authority, we will take legal measures against the person involved because it is a crime,” Maj. Gen. Justin said.

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