The move by the police to place hefty bounty on the head of the Juba-Yei road killer gang is a possible positive way for the public to give information to the authority. The only thing which should be done is to keep secret the name of the informers to avoid endangering their lives. It is to be accepted that unknown gun-men ambushing, killing, maiming and torturing their victims if their relatives fail to part with ransom. This time the security organs are out to get the gang by all means and have already exposed one of the six members of the killer gang. This exercise should be extended to all roads and highways that have been frequented by armed people attacking innocent citizens who are going about their daily businesses in search for their livelihood. Any crime should be dealt with according to the law of the land. Criminals are a disgrace to the society and portrays negative image of the country in the international arena. Crime discourage investments as the security of the nation is put underscrutiny and questions. Police and other security agents should continue to join forces and work together to combat insecurity in all parts of the country. Criminals have gone far beyond by attacking and even killing innocent women in front of their children like the recent case in Warrap State. A society must have some semblance of discipline and if this happen to be the case, then there could be respect for humanity. Nobody should be allowed to carry the law into his/her and use it as they deem necessary. The warning shots have been fired in the case of Juba-Yei road, what now remain is to bring to book the culprits and for security agents to comb all parts of the country where criminals are still terrorizing the general public.

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