Police is part of the community- Maj.Gen Justin

By Martha David

The relationship between police and community has been spoiled for a long time and it is time for the police to come close to the community, Police Spokesperson Maj.Gen. Daniel Justin said.

He was peaking during the community policing meeting that was organized by the Japan International cooperation Agency ( JICA), United Nations Mission in South Sudan( UNMISS) and other stakeholders to bring police and citizens together to find ways of collaboration to combat crimes in the areas.

Maj. Gen. Justin said police this time want to come close to the citizens for the community to know that police were part and parcel of the community.

Maj. Gen. Justin said the relationship between police and civilians has been spoilt even the children knew that police were bad people.

“I am a Policeman, I am part of the community and when I retire, I will go back to the community, in this regard a policeman is a good person and to know that good person, you have to be close to him. We as police want to be close to civilians,” he stressed.

He added that to prevent crimes citizens and police must work together. “We need to cooperate together, when we work together, we can correct each other and by this the prevention work of crimes will be successful,” Maj. Gen. Justin said.

JICA Chief Representative Mr.shinya Tomonari said Japanese people would continue to support the community policing in order for the police to be part of the community.

He said community policing would improve safety of the community in any residential area.

Mr.Tomonari encouraged the citizens in Munuki and the police to build trust among themselves.

“I encourage you citizens of Munuki and police to build trust and confidence so that you can benefit by having peace and security to reduce crimes,” said Tomonari.

Director of Munuki Payam, Stephen Bezelio Kose urged the Chiefs and the Quarter council leadership to address all the issues that affect Munuki blocks so that stakeholders and the police can take note.

“We in Munuki are very tired of crimes like looting and raping and other crimes’’ Kose said.

He said community policing meeting is not the first to happen but this time action should be taken by the authority.

“We need to put the recommendation forward to make sure that our areas are safe,” he said.

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