The police administration in the country should come to heed and understand the concern of the President about the behaviors of some of the officers against the general public. In several occasions the head of State has noted with a lot of concern how some of the wayward officers were acting and instead of protecting the citizens with their properties, they had turned about to harassment and intimidation. If the head of State is telling them to toe the line and telling them to stop selective harassment of their victims, they should be aware that those who are engaged in such act have limited days in the force and will not be surprised when the axe falls on them. I trust and believe that the top hierarchy of the force are noting the concern of the appointing authority and will act and make these acts of rotten eggs among them a thing of the past. What is important here is that the top notch should clean their backyard and have lean and disciplined force that is friendly and do not by menace harass and demand bribes or something small from members of the public during the day and night. The head of State alone cannot do everything for us, he needs to be assisted and helped where necessary by those senior public servants appointed in different positions of service delivery to the country. It is worse when police and even some other uniformed forces go around the country threatening and harassing the public that they are employed to protect. These acts must be brought to a halt and an end for the safety of the nation and the citizens. The forces should start to understand that those they are harassing are their own brothers and sisters who need their protection since they are privileged to wear uniforms for the protection of all irrespective of their cadre in life.

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