Police demands prior information on criminals activities

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Police have demands citizens to quickly report criminal activities happening in the residential areas in order to be apprehended.

On Monday, the South Sudan Women Group petitioned Legislative assembly (Parliament), Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Gender Child and Social Welfare over the issue of the three children who were murdered in Rock City and rape cases happening in the country.

The group matched from Rainbow (Medan) square to the Parliament, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Gender Child Social Welfare and Ministry of Justice, calling on the authorities to prosecute and pass maximum judgment in the case of the innocent children murdered at Rock City residential area.

Speaking to the group after receiving the petition, the Inspector General of Police Gen. Majak Akec said the police have to be appreciated for the work they have been doing all this time.

“But the police is facing a lot of challenges from the citizens because there is no information provided to the police in time and sometimes the information is even not provided and how do you expect police respond?” He asked

He said citizens are blamed for not providing earlier information to the police saying police is always ready to respond if informed earlier.

“Our work as police is to look for the criminals, apprehend, gather some basic information to qualify that the offender we are handing to judiciary is the right person. But again for us to arrest the offenders or those who are making all this criminal activities we need to have earlier information about what is happening being a rape, killing, robbery and many other forms of violence happening in our areas.”

According Gen. Akec for police to arrest the criminals, they needs some information about the person and it will only be given by the victims, if you are raped definitely you may know or be able to identify the person even if not by the name but it may be by physical.

He called on mothers, girls, children to stop the culture of hiding the issues, this is where we are going wrong, yes you always say there is raping, but if it is not reported to police how can those criminals be arrested?

“If you are raped and you went to home and start saying you are raped and it is not reported to police how can I know that someone have been raped?”

He appeals to all the citizens to report any criminal activities nearby to enable police carryout duties in time.

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