The speed in which the security organs moved to nab the suspect of the cold blood murder of three young innocent souls at the outskirt of Juba town earlier this month must remain commendable.  The country must stand with the police on this one for at least bringing hope to the family of the slain kids whose life have been cut short. Where efficient and effective  services have been rendered and where some glimpse of hope are seen to be possible, there must be appreciation although bitter as it is in this case where the children lost their lives in unacceptable action with parents still trying to come to terms with the horror situation. Indeed this is the kind of professional work and assignments which should be emulated by all public institutions in the country.  While the country join the family and relatives in mourning their loved one, the most important thing, although really a trial period in life, is for speculators to let the police do their job to the final satisfaction of all inclusivism. Rumours that could derail or misdirect the on-going investigations should equally be avoided. It is understood why some people are reacting angrily and why they are calling for mass or mob justice. Two wrongs do not make a right. There must be and seen to be the rule of law in place which protects all including a suspect until proven guilty. What has been going on in some media outlets cannot be accepted to put into action in a civilized society where the rule of law surpasses what can be equated with jungle law. The sorrow demise of the three young children is a bitter pill for everyone to swallow but the rule of law must be respected. This is why the police must be given this kind of recognition this time around for the good work.

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