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Police call for peaceful celebrations in Christmas

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Police authorities in Yei River County of central Equatoria state are calling for a peaceful celebrations of the Christmas festival.

State Chief Inspector of Police Dominic Sabino Tobo urged all the citizens to embrace the spirit of love, unity and desist from criminal activities.

He appealed that the birth of Jesus Christ would bring peace in Yei, central Equatoria and South Sudan at large because he is the prince and king of peace.

Tobo encouraged the citizens to celebrate the birth of Jesus spiritually not materially.

He reminded the people to share the little they have with the needy and those who are unable to provide for themselves.

“Christmas is peace; we are going to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the son of God. Let us all prepare to go for prayers and pray for peace in our county, state and the nation at large. Let us embrace the spirit of love unity, togetherness and share with little we have with each other,” advised the state police chief inspector.

Tobo cautioned the motorists and drivers to reduce their speed while driving or riding to minimize the rate of accidents during the celebrations as many people would come out from their homes to jubilate.

He encouraged for the reconciliation among the communities which wronged themselves and are not leaving in peace and harmony.

“Boda-boda riders and drivers, am advising that you reduce your speed down during this festive season because there will be over crowding as people prepare to jubilate celebrating the birth of the messiah. If you don’t listen to the advice of the police, if you cause accident, you will be celebrating your Christmas in custody,” Tobo warned.

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