Police call for cooperation to combat crimes

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The  Deputy spokesperson of South Sudan national  police service   Brig Gen  James Dak has  urged  the citizens to change the attitude and mind set of choosing to settle crimes at home, advising them  to cooperate with the police by reporting the crimes to the police stations.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, General James Dak said that the citizens lost trust from the police and thought that going to police station was a long procedure to be followed however, advised the citizens to change the attitude and cooperate. 

“People like to settle their cases among themselves, for instance, one car knocked the other car and end up damaging it, this two drives will decide to settle it by themselves because they think going to the police station is a long process,” Dak said.

He added that citizens thought that police were corrupt and that was why they referred to settle the issues that were supposed to be reported to the police.

“These criminal will decide to settle it at their own even if paying it means settling it with money, with a mentality that if they report to the police station then the inspector might charge something like form 8 and so forth, “he added.

However, Gen. Dak said that citizens attitude need to be changed through educating them that the police work is to settle their cases as it is mentioned in the South Sudan constitution.

“The citizen attitude need to be changed and change takes times, because they think that criminal justice is not doing anything to them because they say there is discrimination, tribalism and that the police don’t care about their problems, “he stressed.

He also urged  the citizen to change the attitude, and cooperate with the police by putting the perpetrators who committed the crimes behind the bar, because this would be a solution to minimize these kind of incidents in the country.

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