Police call citizens to cooperate

By Martha David

The police have called on citizens to cooperate and report any crime cases in their area.

Gen. Majak Akech Malok, Inspector General of Police said security would not improve if citizens were not cooperative by reporting crimes happening in their residential areas.

He made the remarks yesterday during a meeting between the police leadership and civil population in Juba organized by the Organization for Responsive Governance in collaboration with the Norwegian people’s Aid.

Gen. Malok appealed to the citizens to respond and call to the police line 112 in case of any problem that requires police attention.

“We are here to deliver the services to them and to ensure their safety and protection of their properties,” he said.

Rajab Mohandis, Executive Director Organization for Responsive Governance (ORG) said the meeting aims at bringing all the leadership of the South Sudan Police Service, members of security committee and the civil population together.

He said it was important for the police to share with citizens on the security arrangements for their protection and how they can access different security units to respond to emergency cases.

He added that all recommendations will be taken into consideration by the Interior Minister for implementation.

Muhandis said the civil population has raised several issues including limited number of police force in some areas, young people who cause harm to civilians, and disorder at Juba International Airport terminal.

Mama Gladys, one of the participants said police station should be added because some areas have only two stations adding those stations could easily be empowered by criminals.

“People must respect the police, they must be respected, if we don’t respect our police we should not expect to have order in our society,” she stressed.

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