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Police beef-up security over targeted attacks in Yambio

By Baraka John

The Western Equatoria State police has beefed up the security in the state capital Yambio to curb targeted attacks prevalent in the state.

The commissioner of police in Western Equatoria State James Monday Enoka, told Juba Monitor on Wednesday that the house of the information and communication minister was attacked on Monday and subsequently on Tuesday by unidentified armed men.

“There were three incidences yesterday [Tuesday], there were shootings at the house of the minister of information who is also the official spokesperson for the government of Western Equatoria State.Unknown criminals came around there as the bodyguards were trying to know who they were, so the criminals began to shoot at the bodyguards. The criminals were repulsed and no casualties were reported,” he explained.

“Also, the house of James Nando who is currently in Tambura County was attacked. Another incident was in the house of an SPLA-IO General in Sugu Siro suburb was attacked too.”

The police commissioner said his office had increased the number of bodyguards in the houses of the government officials to prevent further attacks.

“We realized that it’s the VIPs in Tambura who are mostly being targeted, because we have got 37 VIPs in Yambio, 17 ministers and the rest are in other portfolios. So, what we did was to intensify security to their houses, after learning a lesson of which one of the bodyguards in the house of the minister of health was killed in July,” headded.

Enoka said the state security committeehad introduced night patrol to combat the criminals who move on motorbikes to commit criminal offences, but said no arrest had beenso far executed.

Sources atthe Napere residential area where gunshots were reported in the past three days said it was not safe to move at night in the area because the unknown gunmen could easily kill anyone whom they found on the road.     

Yambio County for the past three days had experienced unstable nights leaving public in great anxiety.

On Monday night, the house of Yambio town mayor, John Singira was attacked by unknownarmed men riding on motorbike.

The armed men reportedly threw a hand grenade inside the fence but no casualties had been reported in the course of the shootings as bodyguards of the town mayor exchangedgunfire with the criminals.

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